Are You Leading A Business While Dealing with Depression?


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Why book this complimentary call :

  • It helps you get crystal clear on who you can be as a leader in your personal and professional life,
  • We'll uncover what stands in your way from achieving your goals,
  • Let's check if it makes sense for us to work together.

You'll get values on how to deal better with negative self-talk and depressive emotions while growing your business or career, and have an impression on how it would be like for us to work together.


Calmer mind & better leader in 6 weeks:

“Most effective coaching I’ve had! I was dissatisfied with life and feeling lonely. Now I have a calmer mind and more emotional tools to connect with others. I can see how this helps me to be a better boss, father, husband, and overall a fuller person.” - Director of a Silicon Valley startup, United States

Becoming daring & visible in business:

“I was on an emotional rollercoaster, feeling stuck and worried about my health. Now I feel the weights lifted off my chest, and I’m more in control of my emotions. Breaking through my fears of visibility has really boosted confidence in my business.” — Transformation Coach, Netherlands

Never knew I was holding so much stress:

“I made the right choice with Irene! As a single mom and business leader, I did not see anything else beyond my roles. So much stress and anxiety that I couldn’t breathe! Irene helps me to feel myself again and create work-life balance. I can see clearly the way to be a better leader without burning myself out.” — Country Manager of a multinational pharma company

Helped rebuild my life and career after burnout:

“This coaching is life-saving! I was desperate to move on after some traumatic experiences, but stuck in what felt like a hurricane. With Irene, I felt heard, supported and understood. I learned skills to manage emotions and express myself. I can finally move forward and rebuild my life.” — Self-employed Tech Professional, United Kingdom

The Leader's Path through Depression

This program is science-backed, proven, and will be personalized to you. Through easy actions – that don't feel like extra to-dos, it helps you calm difficult emotions and negative overthinking, while increasing your effectiveness as a business leader. 

  • Create your personalized roadmap with a strategy – instead of just another to-do list
  • Put what you know into action with daily accountability and feedback as you need it
  • High touch, caring support from Irene as your coach and mentor, inspiring and motivating you as you take the steps to your success. 

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