Five years ago, I launched my business, unprepared for how it would impact my mental health. Every day was survival. I was super stressed out, and I was beating myself up too. Thinking I was a failure, I nearly quit. I worried my depression would come back. 

Today, I’m at peace with myself, in control of my negative self-talk, and no longer afraid that depression would limit my life. That’s when my business really took off.

How did I do it? The first step was to use a unique method to calm my mind through my body. It helped me uplift my negative self-talk and depressive symptoms – and neutralize their power over me.

A brief backstory

Throughout my youth and adulthood, I was high-functioning and excellent at hiding my depression… until it became impossible to manage and I was diagnosed with clinical depression at 30.

What followed was a journey of personal transformation, that consequently led me to a career change.  

I was in software development and had a Doctor’s degree in design engineering when I retrained for a Master's in dance movement therapy. 

Rebuilding my life and relationships, and upkeeping my mental health, while growing my business was a challenge so complex that I didn't always know where to turn to for help.

Now that I'm further along in my journey, I find myself in a unique position to help leaders who are dealing with this challenge.

How I help

I have a program where you learn this powerful method and the sustainable way to lead a business while managing depression. 

It has helped me and leaders like you to calm negative overthinking, grow their profitable business despite depression, and finally be at peace with themselves.

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