Too Busy for Self-Care?

Let's Make Self-Care Work 

for You and Your Business/Career

(Without Adding Overwhelm or Another Thing in Your To-Do List)

FREE Interactive Workshop

Join us in a FREE 40-min interactive and intimate ONLINE workshop, where you will learn:

  • How to free up your time and have more emotional energy for your loved ones
  • Practical tools to help you manage stress so you can move through your day with ease
  • Learn key practices that help you move from feeling alone and unsupported into feeling confident and secure.

This workshop is IDEAL FOR LEADERS WHO:

  • Take their mental health seriously and yet feel that self-care can be overwhelming and lonely.
  • Have the self-knowledge and awareness for their wellbeing, but are missing accountability and cheerleaders in their journey.
  • Want to grow their business and career confidently and for that, they need to reliably manage their headspace and emotions.
  • Are looking to find a confidential safe space to share their wins and challenges and get personalized feedback.

Pick one of the upcoming dates in this calendar and book your FREE 40-minute Workshop.

Reserve your workshop place today and receive an action book directly into your inbox that will support you to create a positive mindset without adding overwhelm to your busy and demanding life.

To get the most out of this workshop, I strongly recommend that you practice at least 3 actions consistently (time-permitting) so that you can have meaningful learning anchored in your personal experience.

Meet Your Workshop Host

Meet the coach who will give you a fresh perspective on your business/career success and who will help you build a strong foundation for your happiness and personal growth.

Irene Anggreeni