Too Busy for Self-Care?

Let's Make Self-Care Work 

for You and Your Business/Career

(Without Adding Overwhelm or Another Thing in Your To-Do List)

FREE Interactive Workshop

Join us in a FREE interactive and intimate ONLINE workshop, where you will learn:

  • How to free up your time and have more emotional energy for your loved ones
  • Practical tools to help you manage stress and emotions so you can move through your day with ease
  • Learn key practices that help you move from feeling alone and unsupported into feeling confident and secure.

This workshop is IDEAL FOR LEADERS WHO:

  • Take their mental health seriously and yet feel that self-care can be overwhelming and lonely.
  • Have the self-knowledge and awareness for their wellbeing, but are missing accountability and cheerleaders in their journey.
  • Want to grow their business and career confidently and for that, they need to reliably manage their headspace and emotions.
  • Are looking to find a confidential safe space to share their wins and challenges and get personalized feedback.

Pick one of the upcoming dates in this calendar and book your FREE Workshop.

Reserve your workshop place today and receive my step-by-step guide directly into your inbox that will support you to create a positive mindset without adding overwhelm to your busy and demanding life.

To get the most out of this workshop, I strongly recommend that you try out the steps in the guide (time-permitting) so that you can have meaningful learning anchored in your personal experience.

Meet Your Workshop Host

Meet the coach who will give you a fresh perspective on your business/career success and who will help you build a strong foundation for your happiness and personal growth.

Irene Anggreeni

Irene is a mental health expert and certified dance therapist who delivers impactful workshops that challenge her audiences to focus on what truly matters and create success at work without sacrificing their personal life.

Drawing from 10+ years of transformative experience following a clinical depression, a knack for making meaningful connections, and a calling for helping busy professionals make space for their emotions and find balance in their life and career, Irene knows how to facilitate a safe space and provide actionable tips and tools for her audience.

She infuses creativity, mindfulness, and embodiment which has helped her and her clients discover their authentic selves and become the leader they want to be.


“Irene has profound wisdom and deep knowledge about the emotional processes and her guided practices are excellent. I can highly recommend her workshop, as a psychotherapist I am impressed by her way of working.”Tarja (Finland), Leadership consultant

“Irene, you are the real deal. You've been through the struggle and created a path for others to walk through the experience with support.”Julie (US), Founder & Executive Director

“The workshop with Irene is one of the most successful workshops we’ve had with Readerland community. Irene helped me significantly in expanding and engaging our members. The satisfaction rate of the workshop is 97%!”Wei-Hsuan (Netherlands), Founder of Readerland

“Irene is a formidable expert with rare skill. I invited her to close my Yinalithea Women of Truth conference in Rotterdam because her erudite nuances into the intelligence of the body helps deepen knowledge into 'em body'ied' wisdom. She more than delivered a powerful closing, inviting us all to use the body as a vessel to hold and embody the days wisdom through dance therapy.”Helen Argyrou (Netherlands & Cyprus), High Performance Coach